Toddler Snacks: Veggie Plate


Well that was a fun little break, wasn’t it? Y’all, I got somehow locked out of my blog and every time I went to bring it back to life it and write something, I became so technically bogged down that I just went to the freezer and ate a greek yogurt ice cream bar instead. Seriously people- have you tried these? They are 100 calories and feel so rich and indulgent, but aren’t. Get thee to your local market. I’ve tried all the brands. Even Aldi makes a mean mint chocolate chip.

In the meantime, I’ve written about a hundred little posts to you in my head, but none of them made it to you, so I have some catching up to do.

Hey, do your kids like to snack? Um, does wine come in boxes? Yes. and Yes. These are life truths.

My kids love to snack, but I’m one of those mean moms who doesn’t let them eat between meals. I want them ravenous at dinnertime and coming to the table ready to eat anything and everything I put in front of them. It works, and I harness this control and use it for good. Mwah-ha-ha.

Still, there are times kids are going to want snacks, and there are times when I crave a little something, too, while cooking, or anxiously waiting to hear the garage door open (is there a mom on this earth who doesn’t feel her shoulders relax when she hears that sound?) A friend shared this idea with me a long time ago, and I held onto it. I love it for two reasons: 1) It gives me a reason to say ‘yes’ to my kids and I’m trying to be more of a yes person in that improv-y kind of way, not in a permissive doormat way. So this allows me to say yes, you can have a snack! and 2) it gives me a glorious excuse to expose my kiddos to more of a fun variety of vegetables. If they eat them, GREAT. If they nibble or try something new, GREAT. If they just see something they haven’t seen before, that’s still a small win in my book. And whatever is leftover, I saute up in a big stir fry at the end of the week, or add to a weekend frittata. Who doesn’t love a frittata?!

Veggie Snack Tray How-To

  1. Shop for and buy novel, interesting vegetables – I love peppers of varying colors, carrots of varying colors, cucumbers, celery, corn, and zucchini. You could also try jicama, sugar snap peas, radishes, peas, lettuces, sweet potatoes, etc.
  2. Cut up the veggies in fun ways – I cut corn into little wagon wheels, I make zucchini into zoodles, and I cut cukes into all kinds of shapes. I love to present the veggies in a fun way. Be creative!
  3. Add a dip – I whip up a quick dip from greek yogurt – adding avocado, garlic salt and other items I have on hand. I mix it up. This is a fun recipe.
  4. Add to it throughout the week – replenish, add new things, add fruit if that’s your thing.  Keep it stashed in a large tupperware or ziplock when it’s not being served. I added homemade gummies to this tray- made with carrot juice and pomegranate juice- I thought they were repugnant but my kids seemed to love them.


I hope this idea works for you in some way  – take the small wins – they’re still wins!

I’m glad to be back, readers. Thanks for being understanding during my involuntary sabbatical. xo Sarah

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