Let’s be honest, raising tiny humans is exhausting and exhilarating. I spent fifteen years working on college campuses, before trading in my pencil skirts for colored pencils. Our family moved across the country, had two babies, and built a thriving community in a matter of eighteen months, and along the way I developed a strong point of view as a mother, cook and woman. 

Over time, friends were always asking me for a go-to-guide of Sarah-isms and ways of life. I created Whining & Dining as a home for all of the things that work for our family, and that I think can work for yours. It’s about celebrating the tiny wins (kids are still asleep when the coffee timer beeps) and the big ones (like two kids out of diapers), while embracing and clinging to what’s important: quality time as a family, prioritized over things, and living authentic lives.

I’ve been told I make it look easy, but I’m here to tell you it’s not easy at all, but creating experiences that elevate the every day makes me happy.

So, come pull up a chair and a paper plate. I’ll serve you up one of my InstantPot meals and a can of bubbly wine, and we can be friends. I’ll share all of my secrets, if you share yours.