Party Planning: Rosebud Ice Cubes

The first name I had for this blog was “I’ll pour the champagne”….it was a play on celebrating the little wins in life, and the fact that I have a ridiculous number of photos of me pouring champagne, like it’s all I do. Basically, I chase toddlers, but when I’m not chasing toddlers, a high proportion of my #selfcare involves days spent with girlfriends, celebrating big and small things, and pouring champagne.


So, when my dear friend Margie introduced me to this idea a few years ago, I bookmarked it in my brain as the kind of small perfect detail I would use over and over again to make events feel particularly special. Rosebud ice cubes are an almost effortless way to ice your champagne for your next event – whether it’s a girls night out, a baby shower, or a bridal shower or luncheon with your besties.

In an ode to minimalism, these silicon ice cube molds can be used for all kinds of things, including other kinds of ice (stay tuned for glitter ice!), and various crafts. I use ice cube molds for sorting with the kids, and as snack trays for picnics and travel (these have lids, which make snack-transport easy.)


I made these ice cubes this weekend for a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends. I love how the yellow pops with the gold foil of the champagne. Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, the Trader Joe’s Blanc de Blancs is my new jam for sparkling wine – perfect dry, bubbly and affordable. While choosing champagne last time at TJ’s, I watched five people in a row grab a bottle of this. Now, I buy it by the case, because when you have toddlers, you need to celebrate survival on the weekly.

Rose Ice Cubes

Materials needed: silicon ice cube trays (large enough to hold a flower); boiling water; 12-16 rose buds; 8 hours or overnight.


  1. Boil water – we’re boiling the water because if it’s not boiled, the ice cubes don’t freeze clear – you don’t want foggy cubes
  2. Cut buds, and place them in the ice cube trays – in this case, I was a few short
  3. Pour over boiling water
  4. Freeze overnight
  5. Thaw for 10-15 minutes before popping them out
  6. Scatter at the top of a champagne bucket on top of your other ice.
  7. Note: these are not edible, and should not be placed in drinks!