Rent It.

img_1369About a year ago, I realized that I was living in Athleisure. Was it California? Was it mom life? Was I really just a gym rat? Either way, I found that after my morning workout, I was more than likely staying in my spandex throughout the day, and more and more of it began to invade my wardrobe.

Still, you can’t pour champagne in athleisure. I am a girly girl. I love a fit n’ flare dress, a great pair of jeans, a fabulous jacket, or a great skirt. I have long been addicted to the feminine, playful silhouettes of Kate Spade, and as I noticed more and more dresses accumulating in my closet, I realized they were being worn less and less.

With no shortage of occasions to dress up, I still found myself wanting something “new” every time. I forced myself to recycle my beloved dresses, but felt somewhat uninspired by my wardrobe. Enter – Rent the Runway.

Wait, you thought it was just for evening wear? So did I. Wait, you thought you rented items one at a time? So did I. While trying to check out formal wear for a wedding that I officiated, I found RTR’s unlimited subscription. I gave it a whirl for our anniversary trip to Santa Barbara, and four stunning outfits later (with one snafu- missing romper), and no drycleaning costs, I found myself completely in love with the model.

Rent the Runway came to me at a time when I was embracing minimalism, and contending with an ever-changing post-partum body. With a RTR unlimited subscription, you get four items at all times in your closet, and you can swap them out as often as you want. Rent the Runway has eliminated my need to shop (something I never had the time for anyway). I feel like an actress with access to one of the most exclusive and stylish closets on earth. I get to try everything on with the right bra and shoes, and I have some pretty raucous fashion shows for my husband, toddlers and even my in-laws.

The price tag isn’t for everyone, but I have decided that if I don’t shop for clothes, outside of a few casual tees and jeans per year, I can afford to keep my wardrobe constantly refreshed.

Scared? The hundreds of reviews per item on RTR really give you a feel for what the clothes look like on real people in real lighting.

Use my referral code to save $30 on your first order (for a one time rental or an ulimited subscription). Your closet will thank you. Your drycleaner won’t!

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